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Talking Points

  • Natural communication systems have evolved to connect ecosystems.
  • Women in conversation are a ‘natural’ communication system for humanity’s ecosystem.
  • Circle contexts can activate this system.
  • Women inviting their own  inner change can enhance it.
  • Technology offers the capacity to strengthen the feminine matrix of energy and information flow.
  • Please join us in our GODMother Forum experiment to assemble and accelerate the flow. 
  • Please contact us to share the larger patterns you see emerging as Reflections of the Whole.


As women follow their innate biological and psychological systems, developed over millions of years to promote the survival of offspring, they naturally exchange energy and information in their conversations. The energy transfer moves through the human system from one conversation to another, transmitting important information for survival, healing and well-being.

(Science is discovering how even cells have a natural communication system with each other, sharing what is needed for well-being and survival. Check out Dr. Zack Bush’s breakthrough understanding in a recent YouTube video.)

All over the world now, women are gathering in twos, threes,  small and large groups. As we bring ourselves to the table in conversation, whatever information is relevant to us evokes a response within us. In other words, we ‘hear’ what ‘resonates’ with our current inner state and respond to it.

When women share their thoughts and feelings, they not only offer important information to other women, but they also contribute to the entire energy field of the conversation. When the words and feelings spoken are authentic, and the listeners are deeply attentive, this ‘field effect’ is especially powerful. The group’s energy becomes aligned around what is being shared, and each woman benefits in her own way, unique to her own stream of growth and evolution.

In the GOD*Mother Path website, we are exploring using technology (an online forum, video conferencing, etc.) to exchange and assemble some of the information-energy that is becoming available to women now. Our thought is to gather and accelerate the flow of important survival communication through the feminine matrix of relationship.

Please join us in the GOD*Mother Forum to share your daily inner experiences and realizations, and if you are called, contact us and offer the larger patterns that you see, too. What are you hearing? What energies are you experiencing? What is your call? What expands you, and motivates or even demands your response? 


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