Talking Points

  • A new reality is dawning.
  • We are many perspectives on that process.
  • The film The Heart to Lead begins to tell the story…
  • how the Inner Feminine is evolving to play its part,
  • and how every woman’s perspective fills out that story.
  • Please contribute your threads of experience into the tapestry here,
  • and any patterns you see emerging are welcome as Blogs on the Horizon.

This is a new kind of blog, meant to represent not only one person’s point of view, but multiple perspectives on the pattern shifts we are witnessing within ourselves and in one another.  It will take many of us ‘seeing,’ ‘feeling,’ ‘knowing’ to clarify what is happening and what is needed now  on Earth.

Coming together is not an easy task in a world where exaggerated self-interest is often celebrated, and relationship underestimated. But now is clearly the time.

We believe that women’s friendships in small groups all over the world have been reflecting and confirming women’s inner shifts for some time now. In co-creating the film The Heart to Lead, featured on this website, Bonnie Kelley and Cheryl Gould took a major step in compiling multiple perspectives into a larger story. It is time for another step in gathering women’s ‘Heart Knowing,’ for projecting it out it as a new and vital path into our future and the future of our coming generations.

Please join the GOD*Mother Forum to share your daily inner experiences and realizations, and if you are called, contact us and write a blog here, too. What is the bigger picture that you see? What is happening now to women (and men) on the inside?


1 thought on “BLOG #1. We Are Witnessing a New Reality Being Born in Us…

  1. Dearest Sisters,

    Today, just one day after International Women’s Day, 3/8/19, I greet you, salute you, bow with folded hands to you, appreciate you, cry with you, laugh with you, KNOW with you… We are here not to condemn, chastise or judge the male– who in His fullest is Sacred. We have parts to play, specific tasks to accomplish- or our bodies and systems would have been exactly the same. We are intuitive and moved to nurture, comfort and come together – so let’s celebrate our Universally shared Feminine Gifts and use them wisely and grow our unified field for the benefit of all sentient and non sentient life.
    With profound respect and gratitude to the founders of this site, Julie Heyman, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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