Anchoring the GOD*Mother Field

Contemporary and across the centuries

Many women, feeling their ‘Mother Hearts,’ have stepped forward to nurture humanity’s Life Force.

Many men, engaged with their own healing, have promoted and protected the Spaciousness of Being.

We are deeply grateful for each one and pay homage here to those we know and love…

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[The vision: As each woman offers her page of appreciations, our collective network of gratitude becomes visible.]

Sister Mirrors

St. Clare of Assisi
St. Clare of Assisi


St. Clare (another view)


Deborah Koppel Mitchell
Deborah Koppel Mitchell
GODMother Sisters
Lynn Taylor, Bonnie, Suzan Nolan, Jeanie, Marsha Tongel, Laura Dickinson, Doris Davis (left to right)
Julie Heyman
Julie Heyman
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Thank you, dear Ann, for the steadfast movement forward in service of women's circles!
Ann Smith






A history of Sister Mirrors

 A timeline of building the field of GODMother awareness

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A collective wisdom function

Evoking more awareness and truth with every conversation


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Thank you, Marcus, for your Field of Spaciousness which evokes 'The More'
Marcus Werner
Jeanie's right partner for 30 years... grateful for all the living, the angst, the growing, and the love.
Jeffrey Eisen
Bonnie's daring partner on the slopes of life... Thank you for believing in GODMothers!
Harrison Wreden