An orientation from Jeanie…

This website is the culmination of 20 years of investigation into the inner knowing that women bring to their lives.  The inquiry involved the self-organization of hundreds, if not thousands of women into circles and projects, into countless conversations and varied exchanges, into relational experiences both positive and negative.  This relational weaving was crystallized onto film when Bonnie Kelley and Cheryl Gould co-created The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good. Since its release, Bonnie and I have nurtured the promise of the film in daily conversations exploring its dimensions in our own lives, and in monthly conversations with a small band of intrepid GOD*Mother Field explorers.

Below are ten subtle awarenesses that began as the ten chapters in the film The Heart to Lead. As the film led us inward, we discovered and experienced an ancient and deep information processing system embodied by women to ensure the survival of their offspring.  We understood that what the film begins to identify as the Mother Heart is an innate behavioral repertoire for deep other-oriented relationship. The Mother Heart continues to be expressed in many ways from bearing and nurturing children, to monitoring the welfare of the whole child, to intuitive understanding and communication between women, to the heartfelt desire for a peaceful safe world for children, families and communities.

We could see the self-organization of women today as part of this pattern, an other-oriented sisterhood being activated now to save Earth’s children. We could also feel in ourselves an imbalance in the expression of the Mother Heart, and we relished how our ‘living conversations’ invited us into greater awareness of these automatic tendencies. Thus, was born the idea of the GOD*Mother Path, where each woman’s spiritual work is advanced by exchanging experiences and energies in conversation, while at the same time evolving women’s collective Mother Heart into the Feminine Presence needed now to truly uplift humanity.


The ten GOD*Mother Awarenesses that follow are accompanied by the ten original chapters of the film, clustered by topic and embedded in a course of Self-study.

Whether you are on your own or walking with a circle of women, please join the conversation via forum as you ‘scroll down the Path. Your realizations will become signposts for future Path-walkers.


The Big Picture

Awareness #1

Underlying the apparent separations between people, there is a field of Oneness that connects us all.

Awareness #2

When we communicate authentically, both speaker and listeners can experience Oneness.

Awareness #3 

Women in authentic ‘living’ conversation and relationship can bring more balance into a world dominated by self-interest.


  Mini-course on ‘The Big Picture’  

  Forum about ‘The Big Picture’  

The Mother Heart

Awareness #4 

Women possess a ‘Mother Heart,’ a way of ‘seeing and responding’ to others that is innately intuitive, holistic and caring.

Awareness #5  

The knowing of the Mother Heart is fundamental to our very existence and a natural bridge of understanding between women, yet goes largely unnoticed in modern culture.


     Mini-course on ‘The Mother Heart’ 

     Forum about ‘The Mother Heart’ 

The Call

Awareness #6   

By quieting our minds and listening deeply, women are learning to recognize and value the inner knowing at the center of the Mother Heart.


Awareness #7    

In circles and councils around the world, an ancient sisterhood of inner knowing is being revitalized as women sense the needs of our global family.


Awareness #8     

Through ‘living conversations,’ our collective field of inner knowing is growing in power and wisdom, inviting more awareness within each woman.


Mini-course on ‘The Call’

Forum about ‘The Call’


Awareness #9

As we ‘see’ and embrace all aspects of ourselves, we enter a process of sovereignty over our inner territory, and reconciliation with each other.

Awareness #10

As we ‘see’ and witness one another, our Presence grows; we evolve both our individual and collective Mother Heart and embrace our emergence as GOD*Mothers of humanity.


Mini-course on ‘GOD*Mothering’

Forum about ‘GOD*Mothering’

Co-creation for the greater good is rising

with the evolving Mother Heart