We are poised at a moment in human history when every awareness is critical. Your participation has never mattered more. Our collective precision may be essential for the well-being of future generations.


What do you know about the Path?

What do you sense within?

What is being called into form?


We hear the call to step forward and make ourselves more visible and more of a force for good in our world… and we are answering.

-Kathie Murtey via Doris Davis, September 2019 GOD*Mother  Gathering



We begin to define the GOD*Mother Path with the Ten Awarenesses below. They are accompanied by the ten original chapters of the film The Heart to Lead that first pointed us toward the Mystery of women together. (See the links Mother Heart and Living Conversation for more about the film and our journey.)

Notice the four parts of the Path: The Big Picture, The Mother Heart, The Call, and GOD*Mothering. These are directions that we hope will guide your exploration, as they have guided us. Click the button under each direction to view corresponding segments of the film plus text and questions to consider. 

Whether you are on your own now, or walking with a circle of women, please also share your experience in the GOD*Mother Forum as you ‘scroll’ down the Path. In this way, what we are learning becomes a library of experiential wisdom.

Notice especially the caring that arises in you, as you listen within and to each other. This is the GOD*Mother Field that we are cocreating naturally as we become aware of our feminine aspects. This is our hope rising for the future of humanity and the Earth.

A Brief Timeline                                                                                                                                                                                          A Mystical Overview

The Big Picture

 Awareness #1  

Underlying the apparent separations between people, there is a field of Oneness that connects us all.

 Awareness #2  

When we communicate authentically, both speaker and listeners can experience this field of Oneness as Living Conversation.

 Awareness #3   

Women sharing Living Conversation can bring more balance into a world dominated by self-interest.


  Watch the film and explore ‘The Big Picture’  

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The Mother Heart

 Awareness #4   

Women possess a ‘Mother Heart,’ a way of ‘seeing and responding’ to others that is innately intuitive, holistic and caring.

 Awareness #5    

The knowing of the Mother Heart is fundamental to our very existence and a natural bridge of understanding between women, yet largely unnoticed in modern culture.


      Watch the film and explore ‘The Mother Heart‘ 

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The Call Within

 Awareness #6     

By quieting our minds and listening deeply, women are learning to recognize and value the inner knowing at the center of the Mother Heart.


 Awareness #7      

In circles and councils around the world, an ancient sisterhood of inner knowing is being revitalized as women sense the needs of our global family.


 Awareness #8       

Through ‘Living Conversations,’ our collective field of inner knowing is growing in power and wisdom, inviting more awareness within each woman.


Watch the film and explore ‘The Call’

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 Awareness #9  

As we ‘see’ and embrace all aspects of ourselves, we enter a process of sovereignty over our inner territory, and reconciliation with each other.

 Awareness #10 

As we reflect and confirm one another in wholeness, we evolve our Mother Heart(s) toward ‘One GOD*Mother Heart,’ a unitive field of loving intention for humanity and the Earth.


Watch the film and explore ‘GOD*Mothering’

Share on the ‘GOD*Mothering’ forum 

Co-creation for the greater good is rising

with the evolving Mother Heart