The GOD*Mother Project

Promoting Living Conversation to Evolve the Mother Heart and GOD*Mother the Earth


To activate, articulate and engage the Feminine through Mother Hearts in Living Conversation toward a culture of caring.


We envision women everywhere evolving their Mother Hearts and cocreating resonant fields, GOD*Mother Fields of caring, in conversations, relationships and projects. We see these GOD*Mother Fields evolving into One Global Intentional Field of Caring and vitally contributing to the well-being of future generations.

Update from Jeanie and Bonnie

August 1, 2019

The GOD*Mother Project is unfolding itself as a search for words to describe what’s happening with women today, on the inside. In our small groups we are exploring the sense we have that women’s Mother Hearts (the nurturing impulses of the Feminine in each of us) are being called into service to nurture humanity as a whole.

To evolve this function women are being invited into full realization of the Feminine Within us. We are moving toward awareness of our whole Selves, not only as the persons we are, but also as our relational Selves and ultimately, as the One Mother Heart of humanity… a whole unified topography of Self within.

We believe women are already half-way there by nature (deeply held back by cultural mores), and that we help one another expand our awareness in every Living Conversation. And we’re sensing that with every woman’s expansion in awareness, women are growing the capacity to generate larger and larger GOD*Mother Fields of loving nurturance for the Earth.


As more and more women share their inner process, we intuit that the story will become more precise, more substantial, more real, more impactful for life on Earth. As we stand ready for change, we also offer you a more formal presentation of the GOD*Mother Projects goals, objectives and founders below…






  • To share the intention that every conversation can be a ‘Living Conversation,’ a spiritual practice alive with Self-awareness.
  • To demonstrate Living Conversation through the film, The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good.
  • To facilitate learning the core practice of Living Conversation: witnessing our inner experiences, evolving our Mother Hearts and our own networks of relationships.
  • To build a framework of understanding around the process of Living Conversation, so that our minds can become aligned with the practice.
  • To realize in each one a ‘personal Oneness in body-mind-spirit’ that can transmit life-affirming wholeness, truth and love throughout the world.
  • To consciously be-hold with other women a global GOD*Mother Field for the Earth and all its children.



To unfold the vision, we see women participating in Living Conversations, becoming aware of the GOD*Mother Heart through soul to soul relationships, and by our own evolution anchoring a field of caring that can hold, evoke and nurture a more loving humanity.

  1. Distribute the GOD*Mother Pledge on our email lists and social media, that women become alert to the possibility of nurturing Oneness in themselves, in one another and in the culture as a whole.
  2. Extend an invitation to use the film The Heart to Lead, and the Guide to Heart Knowing  in circle conversations that build personal and community awareness.
  3. Offer video conferencing as a means of experiencing Living Conversation.
  4. Invite active participation in telling the story of ‘Mother Hearts evolving’ through forums and other means of receiving information.
  5. Co-create and distribute regular blogs, vlogs, TV programming, etc. designed to feedback the emerging story of Mother Hearts evolving for the sake of the Earth.
  6. Develop systems for information flow and exchange that promote a unified field of intention and support collaborative possibilities between conscious projects.



CO-FACILITATORS (Official bios for this official ‘About’ page):

Bonnie Kelley:

Bonnie Kelley has lived her life highlighting the importance of real relationship as a foundational element in human growth and evolution.  Through her writing, films, and in every moment, she opens to receive the Living Essence of each person she greets, reflecting back to them their own divinity.  As a true networker of consciousness, she is an author, a founding member of the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community, has co-founded and gathered Evolutionary Women, and co-created and directed the film, ‘The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good.’ With Jeanie DeRousseau, she is now offering the film as a model and transmission of Source-based conversations in the GOD*Mother Project.


Jeanie DeRousseau:

Jeanie DeRousseau’s attention to the details of life unfolding on earth, personal and societal, is a transmission of love and precision.  From her years of teaching and researching evolution as a professor of anthropology, she draws upon a love of data and pattern to reflect and confirm the new reality that is emerging through each person who opens to Source Within.  She is a founding member of the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community, has been a convener for Gather the Women Global Matrix, co-founded the LightPages Connectory online, and networked women’s circles at the United Nations.  With Bonnie Kelley, she is now promoting and writing about Source-based conversations in the GOD*Mother Project.