How to use the film ‘The Heart to Lead’

as a window on the collective Inner Feminine,

and as an invitation to know ourSelves more completely.


Watch the film The Heart to Lead

… and simply pay attention to any responses that arise within you. Notice where you agree and disagree, where you feel a spark of resonance or resist in any way. Are any realizations sparked in you by the words and energy of the women speaking?

Explore your inner feminine…

Try viewing chapters with others in circle, and noticing what comes up for everyone

Online exchange

Explore the film along the ‘GOD*Mother Path’ on this website

Watch chapters from the film while you follow a course of Self-study with questions that emerge from Ten GOD*Mother Awarenesses.

Embed yourself in the energy of the website

Again, see what is evoked in you, or in your circle. Any new realizations?


Go local with the DVD and Guidebook

We would be delighted if you were called to own and share your own copy of the film and its accompanying book Guide to Heart-Knowing, with important information about the role of circle conversation in revealing the collective Inner Feminine.

The Art of Living Conversation

Grow us all with your circle conversation

Buy the DVD and Guide and gather your friends and family around the film. We’ll look forward to your discoveries!