To activate, articulate and engage the Feminine through Mother Hearts in Living Conversation toward a culture of caring.


We envision women everywhere evolving their Mother Hearts and cocreating resonant fields, GOD*Mother fields of caring, in  conversations, relationships and projects. We see these collective GOD*Mother Fields vitally contributing to the well-being of future generations.


Godmother: A woman who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization. -Google online dictionary


The Feminine: A many-faceted relational way of Being, realized differently in women and men.

Mother Heart: The nurturing impulse of the Feminine in women.

Living Conversation: The exchange of meaningful experiences and feelings in women that activate and evolve the Mother Heart.

GOD*Mother Field: A resonant field of caring cocreated when women engage in Living Conversation from the Mother Heart.

The GOD*Mother Path: Experiencing and realizing the Feminine nature of Self, and choosing to direct that Awareness for the benefit of humanity and the Earth.

Bonnie and Jeanie In costume as the anthropologist and the GODMother

Jeanie and Bonnie

Staying light-hearted and whimsical in our seriousness


THE INVITATION: To apply our deepest wisdom to our lives and for the world

Many of us feel called to respond to the great needs of the Earth today. We take care of our families as best we can. We start and support projects and networks, small and large, local and global, with great intentions. And yet the world appears to continue on much the same trajectory, and we sense that our human family, indeed life on Earth, is threatened by humanity’s shortcomings.

Now is definitely the time for real change.  Can we become models and mirrors for one another, and channel our own deepest wisdom to become the change that is needed? Can we connect and unite our quilt of projects and intentions, into a collective field of energy powerful enough to fuel a new wisdom culture?

This is the incredible opportunity before women now… to become spiritually mature and collectively powerful, using our natural capacities to shift modern civilization toward greater harmony. To do so, we must bring our unique intuitive self-knowledge forward, exchange what we know, and facilitate each other’s spiritual development.

Please join us, Bonnie Kelley and Jeanie DeRousseau, practicing godmother and anthropologist, ‘participant-observers,’ to explore and develop this unique evolutionary path for women today. Together, let us unleash our individual and collective potentials to co-create a better world for all the Earth’s children. 

The GOD*Mother Path

Through the individual Mother Heart

Toward a Culture of Caring for the world














Opening to THE QUANTUM SHIFT in Daily Life

  • Noticing the imbalances of human mothering and individuation
  • Expanding beyond our automatic instinctual responses
  • Allowing the process of awareness to balance us toward wisdom
  • Trusting that men are likewise moving to shift beyond their patterning


Taking THE NATURAL FEMININE PATH of Conversation

Evolving our conversations across our many levels of relationship, along dimensions of inner awareness and outer service, as individuals and as ‘two or more’, using the compass of our unique individual perspectives on the collective inner feminine in women, the Mother Heart…

Refining our collective Mother Heart through our Living Conversations, exchanging energy and information throughout our lives and our networks as we learn to…

     GODMother self

  • Watching over ourselves with love and Spaciousness
  • Noticing what is so, and accepting our many aspects, both human and Divine
  • Following the ‘next steps’ that arise to help ourselves grow in consciousness
  • Letting go of doubt, resistance, and self-conflict

     GODMother one another, two or more, in deep relationship

  • Being present and accepting of ‘what is’ in one another
  • Listening for the Divine in each other by acknowledging the Divine within ourselves
  • Witnessing the wholeness of each other’s experience
  • Being mirrors for one another to accelerate greater awareness

      GODMother in circle

  • Tuning in to the highest possible vibration
  • Co-creating a common intention to nurture the full potential of each woman and the circle
  • Sharing and listening from the Mother Heart
  • Noticing the new qualities emerging within the resulting resonant field

     GODMother networks of circles

  • Sensing and expanding into the deep patterns unfolding within and around us
  • Discerning where in the shifting global fabric, life-affirming energies can be best applied
  • Taking precise action steps at the appropriate level
  • Staying conscious of the influence we have, both individually and collectively, on the direction of human evolution


May THE LIFE AFFIRMING DIRECTION OF THE COLLECTIVE MOTHER HEART guide us toward GOD*Mothering a truly caring world that benefits all humankind.

To step forward on the Path, each and together,

we align with a pledge of deep intention and commitment…

The GOD*Mother Pledge

If you are called to so pledge, please add your name to the list!


From my growing awareness

that I am part of a rising tide of Oneness on Earth,

women, men, children, all life and all that is here now,

I pledge, to the best of my ability,

to be a true Sister-Mirror for other women,

nurturing the Oneness within them

by noticing and reflecting their wholeness,

nurturing the Oneness within me

by committing to my own growth and evolution,

nurturing the Oneness of all creation

by aligning all that I think and do with the greater good.