To activate, articulate and engage the Feminine through Mother Hearts in Living Conversation toward a culture of caring.


We envision women everywhere evolving their Mother Hearts and cocreating resonant fields, GOD*Mother fields of caring, in  conversations, relationships and projects. We see these collective GOD*Mother Fields vitally contributing to the well-being of future generations.



The Feminine: A many-faceted relational way of Being, realized differently in women and men.

Mother Heart: The nurturing impulse of the Feminine in women.

Living Conversation: The exchange of meaningful experiences and feelings in women that can activate and evolve the Mother Heart.

GOD*Mother Field: A resonant field of caring cocreated when women engage in Living Conversation from the Mother Heart.

The GOD*Mother Path: Experiencing and realizing the Feminine nature of Self, and choosing to offer that Awareness for the benefit of humanity and the Earth.

Bonnie and Jeanie In costume as the anthropologist and the GODMother

From Jeanie and Bonnie

With awareness, familiar roles we play invite us onto the GOD*Mother Path.


AN INVITATION: To apply our deepest wisdom to our lives and for the world NOW

When you think about the world, or the future, do you feel a kind of urgency? With the direction of world events, do you share our deep concern for the generations to come? The urgency is real! We are being moved faster and faster into an unknown future.

To meet this unknown with grace and love, there is an incredible opportunity before humanity now… to be spiritually mature and collectively powerful. While both men and women are called to the task, we focus here on a unique evolutionary path for women, already in process worldwide, inviting only our awareness to realize its influence on modern civilization at every level. 

Please join us as we explore aspects of the Feminine in women which, hidden in plain sight, are poised ready to evolve and tip humanity toward the good. It is more than time to reveal and actualize our deepest potentials for our own sake and the sake of all the Earth’s children. 

The GOD*Mother Path

                               Through the individual Mother Heart

Toward a culture of caring for the world

            (See more… An outline)

                         Stepping forward, each and together,

                                          Aligning our intention and commitment…


The GOD*Mother Intent

From my growing awareness

that I am part of a rising tide of Oneness on Earth,

women, men, children, all life and all that is here now,

I intend, to the best of my ability,

to be a true Sister-Mirror for other women,

nurturing the Oneness within them

by noticing and reflecting their wholeness,

nurturing the Oneness within me

by committing to my own growth and evolution,

nurturing the Oneness of all creation

by aligning all that I think and do with the greater good.



If you are called to this intention,

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