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More Steps Along the GOD*Mother Path

Cultivating true ‘inner’ connectedness

Intending a global field of caring

Because we are apparently separated on the outside, we human beings seek external ways to be connected. While many of us have the concept that we are already connected, already a Oneness somehow, whenever possible we ‘identify’ with a project, a religion, a nation, even someone we admire that allows us to feel a sense of connection.

This website does its best to offer information and energy that can evoke the inner sense of true connectedness, what we sometimes refer to as the collective Inner Feminine. We envision that this inner-sense-joined can become a global mindfulness capable of generating fields of caring to balance the rampant self-interest of our contemporary world.

We don’t view this as a process toward ‘group-think,’ but rather as a whole system made visible by its parts. We know that each person is traveling her own evolutionary journey, revealing unique perspectives that potentially offer more information and energy of benefit to the whole. We would love to receive your flow and insights about the inner Feminine, and how it may guide us through these times.

And as we take our next steps, each and all of us, we, Bonnie and Jeanie and friends, are committed to keeping the energy of this website true, a touchstone where real connection can be felt.  Please let us know how we’re doing…