‘Show up and Self-organize’

Watch Chapters of the film The Heart to Lead

Enjoy the documentary The Heart to Lead on this website. Sample a few chapters or watch the whole film in segments, engaging with questions along the GOD*Mother Path.

Taste the practice of Living Conversation, listen with an open heart and ‘self-organize’ what’s next for you…

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Share What’s happening on the inside of YOU

We would be honored to receive your emerging inner understandings and real-izations, whether in response to the film, inquiries in the Guide to Heart Knowing or from life itself. You can choose between posting here in the GOD*Mother Forums or on the GOD*Mother Project Facebook page.

Please respond to what others are sharing as well. Engaging with each other is reflecting and substantiating the Big Picture of us, of the inner aspects of the Feminine becoming visible!


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This was our first glimpse of the inner secrets being gradually revealed in the film The Heart to Lead, and we would love to share them with you.

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Go local with your own copies of the film and guide

Both the film  The Heart to Lead and its guidebook,  Guide to Heart Knowing are available on Amazon.

Engage others in-person and report your findings onto the GOD*Mother Forums or our Facebook Page often!



Pledge your intention for unity or simply bring the whole Earth to mind as you bring care and love to your unique projects, groups and insights.

Stay tuned for new collaborative steps that may arise and re-connect often.




We are committed to following the ‘turns on the spiral’ of this film’s evolution.


We know in our hearts that the film is a seed for understanding women’s interior spaces.


A note from Bonnie and Jeanie


As we re-release the film, The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good, with its updated Guide to Heart-Knowing, and as we compile this website, we are awed by the weaving of this film in our lives. We have learned to trust our inner ‘heart-knowing,’ even when we can’t imagine the outcomes, and we are immensely grateful to one another for this field of intention that we have co-created, that holds our feet to the fire.

We are also deeply grateful to all those lives that have touched and energized ours in this complex unfolding of human evolution today. And now our gratitude extends to you for placing your attention on the GOD*Mother Project. May you be blessed on your evolutionary trajectory, as your Presence blesses us!




Jeanie and Bonnie

Jeanie and Bonnie