Upon reading about the GODMother Project, our friend Markus Werner shared this story and experience with us…

“We were a group gathered together to investigate what’s happening today on earth.  The men and women went into separate conversations, and then returned to share to the whole gathering.

When asked to summarize their conversation, the women replied,  ‘What’s happening on earth feels like a birth.’  Upon hearing this, the men spontaneously formed a circle around the women.”  Markus reported that he felt very strong, a felt sense that he could see in the eyes of the other men, too.

There are ancient systems built into our human body… recognition of danger and sustenance, differentiation into male and female, territoriality, dominance hierarchies, and more. Although we like to think of ourselves as beyond the animal world, we are still grounded in these characteristics.

Markus’s story highlights the differentiation in form between male and female still threaded through our being, both hidden and made more prominent by our cultural norms.  While women’s bodies are set up to be mammalian mothers, nurturant and observant of children, men’s bodies are set up to be defenders, protective and observant of the group.

Both of these foundational behaviors now serve the cultural norms that have evolved upon them.  Both are standing in readiness, and both are in need of adjustments to contribute appropriately in this global era.  As women notice their imbalances, we can know that men are doing the same. 

Our partnership will grow as we master our ancient embodiments, some of which are differentiated into male and female.  We must each be the change we seek.  And as we each adjust our own embodied consciousness, a new wave of evolved collaboration is surely emerging.