Talking Points

  • Do you suffer when those you love suffer? Do you sense their needs almost before they do?
  • Do you try to make life better for them, to shift your suffering and theirs?
  • Is the suffering in the world almost more than you can bear?
  • This is humanity’s ancient ‘Mother Heart’ becoming visible through you…
  • and women’s experience of the Mayan phrase “In Lak’ech’ (I am another you).
  • When we exchange our experiences, we collectively accelerate our individual growth in self-awareness.

How do we channel our own deepest wisdom to become the change that is needed?

After 20 years of asking the question, our answer is The GODMother Path:

  1. Follow our deepest inner knowing in every moment.
  2. Notice our inner experience and where it takes us.
  3. Stay in authentic conversation with others on the Path.

We begin our journey with the premise that we are each  expressions of a Divine Principle, shaped and sculpted by our unique human experiences. At the same time as women we share some foundational qualities.

Mothering, an essential capacity for nurturing the next generation, is present throughout the animal kingdom, and instinctual in women. In nonhuman species, this instinct can be disturbed by physical abnormalities; in women, it can also become attached to personal preference, outcome, beliefs and identity. 

The impulse to give to others, part of the mothering instinct, is priceless. It is sorely needed at every level of contemporary civilization to balance the self-interest that dominates our cultures.  Yet, when women are caught in their identity as mothers, when they are unaware of their potential to give beyond their own offspring, they are also unaware that they are unconsciously supporting the self-serving customs of modern life.

A quantum adjustment is needed to bring the ancient role of embodied mother-giving into balance with current value systems and our growing global consciousness, that we may more precisely serve the needs of humanity today.  This adjustment must happen in individual women, but can be accelerated by a collective intention. (We can do this more easily together!)

In our experience authentic ‘living’ conversation invites both individual and collective awareness. As we speak and listen deeply to one another, we grow our capacity to see holistically what is truly needed, and our new ‘seeing’ IS the change we seek. At the same time, we build fields of deep understanding and relationship that more and more powerfully support what is happening within us.



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