Living Conversation: the exchange of energy and information from the deepest impulses of Life itself;

the exchange that has manifest as the Mother Heart in women;

the mode of conversation promoted in Council or Circles;

the necessary authenticity for a conscious relationship.


“A conscious relationship is one that calls forth who you really are… Regarding relationship as a vehicle or path that can help two [or more] people access the powerful qualities of their true nature, provides the new vision our age so urgently needs.”

—John Welwood, Love and Awakening: Discovering the Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship (HarperPerennial, 1996, p.8).

The Art of Living Conversation
Click the image to hear Jeanie (with a cameo by Bonnie via computer) share their invitation to learn and practice ‘The Art of Living Conversation.’

There is a course of intimate Self-study that is happening in small groups of women worldwide.  The classroom is the gathering of two or more, and the teaching is revealed through conversations that arrive from the Mother Heart of each woman. In circles, on Zoom and Skype calls, on Facebook and private forums, women are expressing authentically, listening deeply and learning from one another.

We two, Bonnie and Jeanie, are passionate to understand and articulate this process, so that it can unfold as gracefully and quickly as possible.  To do so, to really ‘see’ what women were doing, we found ourselves in daily conversations, opening to the experience of the evolving feminine in every-day life.

As we shared our lives with this intention, the ‘intimate Self-study’ became clear as the cutting edge of recognizing the Oneness that we all share. Too often these are the unnoticed moments in a conversation when everything seems all right, moving forward. We came to understand that these are also the moments when together we engage the collective Mother Heart, the inner reality of our feminine nature. They became the signposts we are now articulating as the GOD*Mother Path!

At this moment of deep and accelerating change on Earth, we are asking ourselves, “Can we move ever more quickly down this path, that women may offer their unique gifts into this challenging time?” To begin our answer, we are stepping forward to make this complementary offer: We invite you to experience the film ‘The Heart to Lead,’ to listen deeply to the women who were interviewed and feel their energy, and to share what arises in you. We’ve embedded the film in contexts and overviews here on the website; it is also available as a DVD from Amazon, along with more information in our book ‘Guide to Heart Knowing,’ if you wish to view it locally. We hope that the contexts, questions and practices that we offer serve your process.

But make no mistake, the answer depends on us all, each one stepping forward to evolve ourselves for the greater good. Please, above all, receive this reflection that the evolving feminine needs YOUR intentionality!


Whether you are in a long-standing circle of friends or just awakening to the possibility, every Living Conversation counts toward evolving our collective Mother Heart.

We are excited to grow awareness of this on-going weave of women’s wisdom, and deeply grateful for your participation.

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