Conversation: an exchange of energy and information that evokes change.

Living Conversation: the exchange of meaningful experiences and feelings in women that activate and evolve the Mother Heart;

a mode of conversation invoked in Councils or Circles or Core Groups.

GOD*Mother Field: a resonant field of caring cocreated when women engage in Living Conversation;

a spacious context of conscious relationship that nurtures Self-realization.


“A conscious relationship is one that calls forth who you really are… Regarding relationship as a vehicle or path that can help two [or more] people access the powerful qualities of their true nature, provides the new vision our age so urgently needs.”

—John Welwood, Love and Awakening: Discovering the Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship (HarperPerennial, 1996, p.8).


The Art of Living Conversation
Click the image to hear Jeanie (with a cameo by Bonnie via computer) share their invitation to learn and practice ‘The Art of Living Conversation.’ Click  HERE  to begin an online course of study along the GOD*Mother Path.


Living Conversation Emerging Worldwide

From our experiences and observations, we feel confident to report that there is a course of intimate Self-study and Self-actualization happening in small groups (or circles) of women worldwide.  The classroom is the gathering of two or more, and the teaching is revealed through conversations that call forth the Mother Heart of each woman. In circles, on Zoom and Skype calls, on Facebook and private forums, women are expressing authentically, listening deeply and learning from one another.

This is not ordinary conversation where people are politely superficial, or pronounce their opinions, argue and react. Nor is this deep conversation that intends a much needed outcome in the external world (though it can be).

Instead, Living Conversation‘ is speaking, listening and witnessing that which emerges from the quickening depths of a person’s experience. In women it is an exchange that emanates from and activates, evolves and substantiates the Mother Heart. As we participate in Living Conversation, we learn how to recognize what is genuine in ourselves and in others. We find ourselves invited to become more authentically who we are, to develop Source-based conscious relationships of trust and mutuality, and to generate powerful evolutionary fields of intention and caring.


The Field-Generating Power of Living Conversation

Click the photo to watch Bonnie and Jeanie in Living Conversation. The text embedded in the YouTube video points to the energy exchanges and growth we experienced in our conversation.

Having engaged in Living Conversation for over 20 years, we can also report that the field-generating power of Living Conversation is evident as the shared feeling-states evoked by the practice. We remember, as the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community was forming at the turn of the millenium, remarking to each other that the resonant field around us was ‘palpable.’ We could almost touch its substance, and easily came to experience its energy as a deep sense of loving purposeful community.

As we stepped into the stream of women ‘gathering,’ Gather the Women,  Evolutionary Women , Millionth Circle, Standing Women, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and World Conferences on Women, it became clear that our community experience was widespread, happening also wherever women shared from the heart and intended the greater good. The ‘core group’ principles we had practiced in community were emerging as ‘circle’ principles from widely different arenas, all inviting authenticity, respect and deep listening, all producing fields of ever-growing trust and mutuality.

As we continue the practice of Living Conversation in person and online today, as we continue to exchange from our Mother Hearts, the fields we cocreate and maintain give us deep respite from this crazy world of crises and violence. Although fear and anxiety may be shared, they are also witnessed and not long-lasting. Instead, there is a loving atmosphere of acceptance and expansion that supports each one and all of us to stay Present and in equanimity with whatever is happening within and around us. Together, we seem to be generating a local*global GOD*Mother field*culture that invites each of us to be precisely and uniquely ourselves, for our own sake and the sake of the world.


GOD*Mother Fields for the Sake of the Earth

Because of their field effects, we intuit that women’s Living Conversations rest on qualities innate within us that are also evolutionary opportunities – not only for each woman and her relationships, but also for the entirety of humanity and the Earth.

Together within a Living Conversation, each one centered in the Mother Heart, we cocreate a field of mutual nurturance for each other. These fields of intention contrast (and thus, reveal) the old energy patterns of our cultures which largely deny the Feminine altogether. They invite each and all to ‘see’ beyond that denial to our true nature. 

As we enter (or re-enter) the process of Self-realization in Living Conversation, we begin to guide one another into an authentic relational Flow, each one listening deeply to Source Within and to each other, simultaneously cocreating a Source-based GOD*Mother Field. The field, in turn, invites us to continue the conversation into an ever deepening personal, yet interconnected Flow of Knowing.

 Over time, we come to recognize the fluid nature of the relational Self that is a woman’s life lived from the true Mother Heart. Every Living Conversation and every GOD*Mother Field is woven within us, to simultaneously address our personal growth, foster true relationship and nurture humanity toward a positive future. All we need do is intend it be so!

Within the local*global GOD*Mother Fields emerging through Living Conversation, we are learning to be*hold our world, beyond its apparent divisiveness, as a realm of differentiated unity


Experience a Living Conversation at the Clothes Line

Julie Heyman

JULIE, speaking her Mother Heart experience

    “I was hanging out wash on the sunny patio, when a tangible wave moved through me. I began to feel ‘All Women’ doing this simple task – be they our mothers, grandmothers, women on the prairies a hundred years ago, or women throughout the ages. Our hands would have moved similarly; we would have adjusted the wet items similarly… and this chore might even have been one of the easiest in a burdened day –  affording a few moments of quiet with the sun, the breezes and the fresh smells of nature. I felt connected to all the women – I felt it emanating from my Knowing, my God Mother Heart.”

JEANIE, listening from the Mother Heart

“As she shared her experience with me, I felt what Julie was expressing; I could easily envision the countless women doing this task. For a sweet moment, we were communicating from a deep Knowing that went beyond words. And then, in this resonant space I thought of my mother.

One of the first chores my mother gave me, even before I was quite tall enough to reach the clothes line, was hanging up and taking down her washed clothes. An inner quality of my ‘self growing up’ moved through me as a felt sense of reaching for that clothes line.

Later, I cherished that feeling of ‘growing up,’ and felt the clothes line memory nuance my general memory of a childhood burdened with chores. Now, even later as I write, something more is arising in me… a kind of solidity to my life as one of service to others, not in any way demeaning, rather sort of grand. I am intimately joined to a wave of women who care!”

WITNESSING THE EXCHANGE: As the energy of Julie’s Oneness experience is received by Jeanie, it evokes a personal memory. Both women experience an expansion of awareness and connectedness (Julie was called to draft our shared experience for the website). Julie’s universal experience is now nuanced with the story of a personal relationship and its larger meaning; Jeanie’s personal experience is now sweetened and expanded by the universal. Their collective relational field is deepened and made more intimate by the sharing, while the reality of all women together is substantiated by their awareness.

THE EXCHANGE IS LIVING CONVERSATION, sharing through energetic resonance as well as words, cocreating and co-inhabiting a field of awareness. This is the depth to which it can go and the value it can have for all participants. No topic is too ‘small’ to be a catalyst for opening the heart and creating a resonant field that is caring, compassionate, cathartic, re-membering and even healing.

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