Awareness #9. As we ‘see’ and embrace all aspects of ourselves, we enter a process of sovereignty over our inner territory, and reconciliation with each other.

Talking points

  • What does it mean to ‘see’ ourselves, to witness ourselves?
  • We are each comprised of many personas or aspects that make up our personality: some we like, some we don’t like, all of them lovable.
  • We are the ‘many’ in the ‘one’ of us, and our life’s work is to become whole, to leave no aspect behind.
  • As we ‘witness’ our own behavior impartially, we  create a place of love and acceptance in ourselves where all the parts of us are welcome.
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At some point in the process toward a woman’s sovereignty, she finds herself relaxing her judgments of self and other, her perfectionism and need to justify herself, and becoming more light-hearted.  As her filters lessen, her essence begins to emanate more consistently, and her presence to evoke the best from others.  She partners with her Mother Heart to identify needs around her, but chooses her actions wisely with deep self- and other-respect.

 1. When a woman meets another woman also moving toward sovereignty, they become Sister-Mirrors for one another, amplifying their clarity, evoking more and more understanding and authentic expression from each other.  It is as if the world now becomes coalesced as One around them, and everything is relevant to their learning.

 2. This is the GODMother Presence in women who understand and commit to the simultaneity of their own embodied uniqueness, and membership in a sisterhood/ brotherhood of Oneness.  GODMothering invites us to ‘see as God sees’ the many in the One, and to cultivate pure, precise and authentic Being at all levels, at all times.




Watch and Practice

Ch. 9. Let the heart lead the way.

 3:28 min. Gina Rene singing ‘Let go,’ Mary Omwake about ‘mother love and heart connections to wholeness,’ and Jean Molina’s ‘universal mothering.’


The Heart to Lead, Ch 9


Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Notice what evokes a flood of love in yourself when watching or interacting with a friend or a family member.  Hold that tone of loving in yourself, and notice as much as you can about your experience. What is being loved by you? Do you ‘see’ love wherever you put your attention? Can you find a word to describe that love-quality of Being?


Awareness #10. As we reflect and confirm one another in wholeness, we evolve our Mother Heart(s) toward ‘One GOD*Mother Heart,’ a unitive field of loving intention for humanity and the Earth.


As we evolve and grow in awareness, we know that whenever we speak, reflect or confirm the truth in one another, we are growing the field of differentiated Oneness and offering greater receptivity and love to coming generations. Ultimately, we will offer the context of ‘Oneness-in-Person’ to everyone we meet, tuning them into wholeness and real love wherever we go, anchoring a new culture with our entire Being.

 1. As women commit to their own personal growth, they are naturally drawn to befriend others with the same intention.  The evolving Mother Heart seems to reside in both the individual and the group, each level supporting the other.  When the Dalai Lama considers mothering  to be the human adaptation closest to the Divine, he may be referring to this ‘multi-dimensional’ quality.

 2. There are already circles of women everywhere ‘GOD-Mothering’ one another. Together, these circles are evoking each person’s natural gifts and leadership,  aligning each person’s decision-making with the greater good,  and anchoring a new Wisdom Culture on planet Earth.




Watch and Practice

Ch. 10. Be the change.

 Approx 3:00 min. Mary Omwake about ‘gifts and the next generation,’ Kathy Hearn about ‘growing for the greater good,’ and Gina Rene singing ‘Be the change.’


The Heart to Lead, Ch 10


Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Carry the idea of evolving the Mother Heart into your circle’s atunement.  If you are not yet in a circle, call a few friends and try one out.  See what happens as you hold a space together for an honest reflection of what’s going on in each heart, our inner longing for those we love.


Talking points

  • What does ‘be the change’ mean to you?
  • Imagine that you’ve accepted, even welcomed every single aspect of yourself, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Imagine your ‘whole system’ working together seamlessly to receive what is yours to receive, to give what is yours to give.
  • When we no longer judge ourselves, we can accept others the way they are as well.
  • How ‘free’ do you feel to be yourself?
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