Awareness #6. By quieting our minds and listening deeply, women are learning to recognize and value the inner knowing at the center of the Mother Heart.

Talking points

  • Why do I feel so much more like myself when I’m with other women?
  • Heart Knowing is a place of truth within myself… something is real for me and touches my heart.  But often a ‘second opinion’ arises that denies that real experience.
  • ‘Sisters’ who hold a note of true listening can evoke what is true in me and clarify the confusion.
  • What are the pitfalls of being with women friends?
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When women co-create conversation spaces that invite truth, we begin to rest in our ‘natural’ Beingness, and everything changes.  The many needs we are responding to from our ‘Mother Heart’ take their rightful place in the wholeness of life.  The responsibility for those needs becomes distributed correctly; it is not always ours!

 1. It seems all too natural to be multi-tasking as women, especially since women have become so career-oriented following the feminist movements of 20th century.  Most women are now equal participants in the workplace, as well as primary caretakers at home. 

 2. Leaving some space for our own unfolding and replenishment has become the next step in knowing ourselves as women.  We can become whole women answering calls toward wholeness around us.  But to do so, we must see where we hold beliefs and ideas about who we are, and learn to navigate by our Heart Knowing of what is right and appropriate for us in the moment.



Watch and Practice

Ch. 6. Living your Big Self.

 4:37 min. Gina Rene about ‘trust,’ Barbara Fields and Kathy Hearn about ‘intuition’ and Wendy Craig-Purcell about ‘listening as a collective.’


Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Find the energy of an issue or concern about a loved one.  Pretend you’re backing away from the issue until you can ‘see’ it whole in front of you.  Send it acceptance and love.  What is your truest Heart Knowing about the issue now?


Awareness #7. In circles and councils around the world, an ancient sisterhood of inner knowing is being revitalized as women sense the needs of our global family.


The Mother Heart is tuned into and cares tremendously about the whole human condition.  In its right form it truly wants the best for everyone, recognizing that a right world is optimal for the next generation.  This feeling-state in the individual woman creates a powerful field of mutuality wherever two or more are gathered.

 1. Many women have already been drawn into programs of service by the Mother Heart, called from within.  Others of us have been called into circle simply to practice an old/new way of being together, committed to speaking our truth, listening deeply for truth in others, and experiencing a new depth of friendship and nurturance.

 2. When our projects become circle-based, our learning is accelerated because although we consciously attune to Oneness in circle, in the action of a project we are also in contexts that evoke egoic aspects of ourselves.  Together, within the larger intention of the circle, we can practice deep discernment of truth and trust within ourselves and the circle.




Watch and Practice

Ch. 7. Women as Allies.

 4:00 min. Megan Havrda about ‘sister holding and reflection,’ Kim Hansen about ‘local circles rippling out,’ Barbara Fields about ‘doing local tasks, aware of the larger sisterhood,’ Inga Canfield that ‘women are fast, powerful, together,’ and Daniella LoPresti ‘inspired by sisters.’


Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Come together with two friends to create a triad of speaker, listener and witness.  Take turns with each role, the speaker sharing what’s on her heart, the listener reflecting what she heard from her Heart, and the witness noticing how the relational quality of the others evokes her Heart.  Notice the difference in the roles, how we naturally move easily between the roles, and how our authentic response deepens our experience no matter which perspective we take.


Talking points

  • Women around the world are ‘circling up,’ either by tradition or in new forms of collective being that feel hopeful in a divided world.
  • What is it that calls me to my women’s circles?
  • The experience of being in circle depends on the safety the circle brings as a whole to each woman.
  • How do women’s circles differ from family groups?
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Awareness #8. Through ‘Living Conversations,’ our collective field of inner knowing is growing in power and wisdom,  inviting more awareness within each woman.

Talking points

  • Circles are a sacred context used for millenia to elicit the best of human behavior.
  • When we ‘attune’ ourselves to a higher standard, our collective intention invites us to feel  united rather than separated.
  • Our relationships can be based on our ideas of one another, or on what is authentically arising in us.
  • How can we maintain  authenticity in a world that invites comparison and hierarchy?
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Watch and Practice

Ch. 8. Circle Wisdom

 5:30 min. Mary Omwake about ‘women sharing power,’ Jody Lewis about ‘men as riverbanks,’ Judy Hawkins asking ‘where do men go to feel soft,’ Barbara Fields and Megan Havrda’s street interview about ‘women using male models of leadership,’ Carol Carnes and Wendy Craig-Purcell about ‘process’ and Argentina Glasgow about ‘leading from the heart.’


Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Review your relationships.  What is the tone of each significant-other in your life?  Is there a fear of loss? Comfort? Laughter?



Although every relationship offers a context for us to learn about ourselves, it is essential now that we address the egoic issues that arise between women.  It is time to take advantage of the evolutionary opportunity before us… to be whole women in collective, leading from the heart, for the good of all.

 1. There are underlying aspects of competition between women that have evolved along with the Mother Heart.  This competitiveness is bolstered by the cultures we’ve co-created that define how women should be.  It is colored by our perceived sense that men occupy a dominant space and women need male acceptance, approval, and protection. 

 2. To access the power and wisdom of real relationship, we must release our judgments, both of ourselves and others, and our collective beliefs about success and appearance.  There is a Spaciousness beyond separative thinking that allows each women to be truly herself AND part of dyadic relationships and the greater whole.