Talking Points
  • What does it mean to ‘tune into’ Oneness,… to reside there for one another?
  • When our house is dirty, we might tune into feelings of ‘less than’ or ‘should.’
  • When our house is freshly cleaned, we might tune into feelings of ‘all is well.’
  • When our loved ones tune into us, what will be their experience?
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Underlying the apparent separations between people, there is a field of Oneness that connects us all.

The opportunity is here for women to be extraordinary contexts for one another, to tune into our ‘Oneness’ together, the ultimate truth of who we are and All That Is, to hold and invite each other into our most essential natures.

  1. Most environments we face today are not ‘safe’ places in which to express our deepest experiences.  Instead, we share from who we ‘think’ we need to be.
  2. When we are able to hold an open Spacious quality for one another, we practice together, speaking what is in our hearts, honoring what is arising in the core of our Being.





Ch 1. Invocation

1:42 min, Rama Vernon’s ‘Om’ and Gina Rene sings ‘I am blessed. I am holy.’

Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Explore tuning into the Space around and between ourselves and others.  The feeling is similar to relaxing our visual focus to sense with our peripheral vision.

Listen to others from this open Space, no judgments, no worries, no thoughts needed.



When we communicate authentically, both speaker and listeners can experience Oneness.

As we tune into the Spaciousness around us, as others hold that listening space for us, we find that there is something ‘on our heart’ that wants to be expressed.  When we each do our best to find the right words for what we are feeling, we share the energy of our truth and co-create a bigger picture of what we are together.

  1. When we put words to our embodied feelings, we are connecting the two sides of our brain.  We ‘see’ our feelings afresh in our words, and begin to have a better sense of who we are. 
  2. When others reflect what was evoked in them by the energy of our words, we feel confirmed, connected and expanded.




Ch 2. Heart-guided purpose joined

1:98 min, Barbara Marx Hubbard about ‘heart-guided purpose joined’ and Wendy Craig-Purcell about ‘being called.’

  The Heart to Lead, Ch 1-2

Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Relaxing your focus into the Space around you, imagine a fountain of that same Spaciousness deep inside you.  Speak or write from that fountain.


Talking Points
  • What is ‘on your heart’ (not your mind) right now?
  • Many of us like to offer advice and help others solve their problems. When we do, we often project a judgement onto them.
  • It is easy to feel superior to someone sharing a problem.
  • In what contexts have you felt most free to be yourself (with what people or groups or in what environments)?
  • Share in the ‘Big Picture’ Forum






Ch 3. We are not alone.

5:04 min, Megan Havrda with on-the-street interviews about women leaders, Barbara Fields about ‘women not alone,’ Kathy Hearn about ‘women at different stages,’ Barbara Fields about ‘how to have a conversation.’

Exercise your awareness ‘muscle’

Deep listening to ourselves and others is a cultivated capacity. Practice discerning the difference between inner ‘longing’ (with emotional overtones) and inner ‘observing’ (with the freedom to choose).


Talking Points
  • Are your conversations a balance of listening and speaking?  
  • ‘Holding space’ for each other is setting aside one’s personal goals for the good of the group.
  • Notice how much silence there is in your normal conversations, and what frequent interruptions do to the experience of a conversation.
  • Do you have a ‘social face,’ some presentation of self that is your habit, in person and online?
  • Share in the ‘Big Picture’ Forum


Women in authentic ‘Living Conversation’ and relationship can bring more balance into a world dominated by self-interest.

Women live in a mammalian body that is intuitive and responsive to the needs of others, particularly to their offspring.  They easily see the benefit of good community to their children, and often take responsibility for cultivating dependable relationships in family and friends, particularly in times of stress. These innate tendencies have been undervalued for centuries, but are now rising to visibility and value.  Women are being called to their own natures in order to bring balance to a world that is increasingly divided by competing self-interests.

  1. When women come together in conversation, their impulse to nurture can extend to one another, and become a mutual exchange of self-awareness. It requires discipline not to fall into egoic aspects of identity and attachment-to-outcomes, but with a collective intention to hold Spaciousness for each other, there is a remarkable likelihood of success.
  2. When we balance our listening to others, with our own opportunity to express and reveal our Truth, we realize that we are indeed a weaving of divine proportion. A word here, a phrase there, reaches each of us perfectly tuned to our needs of the moment. We build healthy relationships of love and respect.