An orientation from Jeanie…

This website is the culmination of 20 years of investigation into the inner knowing that women bring to their lives.  The inquiry involved the self-organization of hundreds, if not thousands of women into circles and projects, into countless conversations and varied exchanges, into relational experiences both positive and negative.  This living weave was crystallized onto film when Bonnie Kelley and Cheryl Gould co-created ‘The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good.’ Since its release, Bonnie and I have lived into the promise of the film in daily conversations exploring its dimensions in our own lives, and in monthly conversations with a small band of intrepid GODMother Field explorers.

Following are ten subtle awarenesses that began as the ten chapters in the film  ‘The Heart to Lead.’ As the film led us inward, we discovered and experienced an ancient and deep information processing system embodied by women to ensure the survival of their offspring.  We understood that what the film begins to identify as the ‘Mother Heart’ is an intuitive holistic reception and response system that values and reaches toward others to keep them safe and well.  We understood that part of the system was a shared paradigm among women, a kind of sisterhood of intuition, understanding and holism, that balances the individual woman’s impulse to care for others.

We could see that this sisterhood is being activated now in many ways to ‘save the children,’ but that individual women evolving a more balanced Mother Heart is also needed for timely and substantive change in the world.  Thus, was born the idea of the GODMother Path, where women’s spiritual work can be advanced by trusting the inner knowing of the Mother Heart, and the Mother Heart can be evolved by the knowing of our true nature as Oneness.


The Big Picture

Awareness #1

There is a Field of Oneness.  We can have our conversations there.

Awareness #2

We are ’embodied Oneness,’ each and all.  When we share what is real to us, both speaker and listeners experience our Oneness.

Awareness #3 

Oneness embodied as ‘women in conversation’ offers an important pathway toward balance in a world dominated by self-interest.


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The Mother Heart

Awareness #4 

Women possess a ‘Mother Heart,’ a kind of ‘seeing and responding’ to others that is intuitive and holistic, but difficult to convey and easy to over-apply.

Awareness #5  

The knowing of the Mother Heart is a natural bridge of understanding between women, a connection around the well being of future generations that is largely unnoticed in modern culture.


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The Call

Awareness #6   

By quieting our minds and listening deeply, women are learning to recognize and value the inner knowing at the center of the Mother Heart.


Awareness #7    

In circles and councils around the world, an ancient sisterhood of inner knowing is being revitalized as women sense that our global family is in great need.


Awareness #8     

The wisdom and power of our collective inner knowing, and of its resonant field, is amplified as each woman opens to her own personal evolution.


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Awareness #9

As we ‘see’ and embrace all aspects of ourselves, we enter a process of sovereignty over our inner territory and reconciliation with each other.

Awareness #10

We become a Oneness with many aspects, a GODPerson, anchoring a field of differentiated Oneness for the generations to come.


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Co-creation for the greater good is rising

with the evolving Mother Heart