Chapters 1. Invocation and Chapter 2. Heart-guided Life Purpose Joined.

Barbara Marx Hubbard and Wendy Craig-Purcell, Gina Rene and Rama Vernon present experience, music and words that set an expansive context for the film’s flow.






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Imagine you are witnessing the inner experiences of individual women connected through a field of feminine energies. By weaving each woman’s contribution into the documentary, we are seeing a bigger picture of the feminine evolving within us all.

After each sharing, without censoring in any way, ask yourself, ‘ What was my experience? What feelings and thoughts were evoked in me as I listened?’ ‘Can you sense that you, too, are a unique thread in the weave?’

Please add your experiences and reflections to the Big Picture here or on our Facebook Page. Every post, every step we take toward wholeness, substantiates the field.

Chapter 7. Women as Allies.

Megan Havrda, Kim Hansen, Judy Hawkins and Jody Lewis demonstrate Living Conversation within an experienced circle of Namaste Friends; Barbara Fields, Inga Canfield and Danielle LoPresti explore the dynamics of personal and social change