The Many Layers of the GOD*Mother Path

Through the Mother Heart

Toward sovereign participation in the world














Opening to Shifts in our Daily Lives

  • Noticing how mothering can become automatic, rather than a more thoughtful heart choice
  • Allowing our self-awareness to help balance us in caring for others
  • Aligning our instinctual heart impulses with big picture thinking to foster conscious choice
  •  Trusting that men are likewise moving to shift beyond their patterning (being the change needed, not blaming the men!)


Taking THE NATURAL FEMININE PATH of Conversation

Every relationship is a conversation…

When we listen and speak from our Mother Hearts, we can create conversations that are alive with energy and information exchange, and practice the skills necessary to…

     GOD*Mother self

  • Watching over ourselves with love and spaciousness
  • Noticing what is so, and accepting our many aspects, both human and Divine
  • Following the ‘next steps’ that arise to help ourselves grow in consciousness
  • Letting go of doubt, resistance, and self-conflict

     GOD*Mother one another, two or more, in deep relationship

  • Being present and accepting ‘what is’ in one another
  • Listening for the Divine in each other by acknowledging the Divine within ourselves
  • Witnessing the wholeness of each other’s experience
  • Being mirrors for one another to accelerate greater awareness

      GOD*Mother in circle

  • Tuning in to the highest possible vibration
  • Co-creating a common intention to nurture the full potential of each woman and the circle
  • Sharing and listening from the Mother Heart
  • Noticing the new qualities emerging within the resulting resonant field


Co-creating GOD*Mother Fields of caring

We are always in relationship

When we interact with love and awareness, when we intend to serve the greater good from our best selves, when all that we think, say and do is from our evolved caring nature, the fields of relationship we co-create are contributing to a global field of caring and a love-based reality on Earth.


May THE LIFE AFFIRMING DIRECTION OF THE EVOLVED MOTHER HEART guide us toward GOD*Mothering a truly caring world that benefits all humankind.