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Solstice Dec 2019


The days leading up to this Solstice and these 2019 holidays have been intense for me and very full. Sometimes it seems that I cannot remember the simplest of words and ideas because there is so much to be aware of and I can't sort it all out quickly. My edges of wounding and judgment have been very visible within me; yet I find myself speaking calmly, often with a smile while old uncomfortable habits are staring me in the face.

Barbara Hubbard's words, "Our crisis is a birth" often come to me as though I'm feeling the birth, uncertain of whether I'm the mother or the baby.

Last night I remembered that love is the answer. It's so cliche, but there was the transition: I was filled with the problems, and someone helped me remember that I was loved. I shifted from problem-focused to love-focused.

How many times have I learned this? How many times must I remember in order to build a better pathway through my neural networks?

As I write, I'm filled with a re-commitment not to forget again. And I feel some new strength that this is so: I am loved. I am love. I love.

Realizing as I feel into this forum, the GOD*Mother Field of caring is real...

With immense gratitude, Jeanie

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