The Art of Living Conversation
Click the image to hear Jeanie (with a cameo by Bonnie via computer) share their invitation to learn ‘The Art of Living Conversation.’


There is a course of intimate Self-study that is happening in small groups of women worldwide.  The classroom is the gathering of two or more, and the pedagogy is delivered through conversations focused on the central agency of Aliveness in each woman

Bonnie Kelley and Jeanie DeRousseau have been called through these past years to document this Self-study, to understand what is at stake, to clarify more about the process, so that it can unfold as gracefully and quickly as possible.  Toward this end, we have followed our own inner knowing to participate where we were called, to engage and observe the many circles and projects that arose around and through us, to listen deeply and follow our hearts to this moment.

Bonnie and Cheryl’s film ‘The Heart to Lead,’ released 5 years ago, captured the process in miniature, and we studied it intensely realizing that there were deeper and deeper levels of information resounding through the words of each woman who spoke.  We also realized that to really ‘see’ what women were doing, we needed to change ourselves, to live into the evolution that is happening to women.

At this moment of deep and accelerating change one earth, there is no more waiting possible.  We are here now to offer you the experience of the film from where we stand, to invite you to listen deeply to the women and their energy, to read our overviews and engage in any practices that call you, and most of all, to activate your own contributions to this growing field of Living Conversation. 

Everyone is needed now to find ways to come together for the sake of the whole of us.  Women already know how to do this.  Now is the time to evolve the function of mothering into a collective wisdom function that just may save the world.