The GOD*Mother Project

Promoting Living Conversation to evolve the mother heart


To define a unique spiritual path for women today based on the evolution of the Mother Heart, and toward a field of differentiated Oneness for humanity’s positive future.


We envision women everywhere ‘mothering the God’ in themselves and one another, co-creating and amplifying a field and culture of Wholeness, Truth and Wisdom.  We see this ‘field-culture’ awakening and evoking the highest potentials in GOD*Mothers worldwide, to co-create a receptive and life-affirming culture for the children.



  • To share the truth that every conversation we engage in can be a spiritual practice, alive with awareness.
  • To demonstrate such a ‘living’ conversation through the film, ‘The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good.’
  • To offer the film as a transmission of the energies involved in Living Conversation.
  • To facilitate learning the core practice of witnessing our inner experience and how to transmit it throughout our own networks of relationships.
  • To build a framework of understanding around the process of Living Conversation, so that our minds can become aligned with the practice.
  • To realize in each one a ‘personal Oneness in body-mind-spirit’ that will transmit life-affirming wholeness, truth and love throughout the world.



To unfold the vision, we see women participating in Living Conversations, becoming aware of the GODMother Heart through soul to soul relationships, and by their own evolution anchoring a receptive field of love for the generations to come.

  1. Distribute the GODMother Pledge on our email lists and social media, that women become alert to the possibility of nurturing Oneness in themselves, in one another and in the culture as a whole;
  2. Extend an invitation to use the course conversations, the film The Heart to Lead, and the Heart Knowing Guidebook in circle conversations that build personal and community awareness;
  3. Offer video conferencing as a means of experiencing Living Conversation.
  4. Co-create and distribute regular blogs, vlogs, TV programming, etc. designed to promote the capacity to be deeply real and authentic, to speak, receive, reflect and confirm truth in conversations.
  5. Develop systems for online information flow and exchange that support collaborative possibilities and reflect and transmit Oneness.


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Bonnie Kelley:

Bonnie Kelley has lived her life highlighting the importance of real relationship as a foundational element in human growth and evolution.  Through her writing, films, and in every moment, she opens to receive the Living Essence of each person she greets, reflecting back to them their own divinity.  As a true networker of consciousness, she is an author, a founding member of the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community, has co-founded and gathered Evolutionary Women, and co-created and directed the film, ‘The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good.’ With Jeanie DeRousseau, she is now offering the film as a model and transmission of Source-based conversations in the GODMother Project.


Jeanie DeRousseau:

Jeanie DeRousseau’s attention to the details of life unfolding on earth, personal and societal, is a transmission of love and precision.  From her years of teaching and researching evolution as a professor of anthropology, she draws upon a love of data and pattern to reflect and confirm the new reality that is emerging through each person who opens to Source Within.  She is a founding member of the Santa Barbara Conscious Evolution community, has been a convener for Gather the Women Global Matrix, co-founded LightPages Connectory online, and networked women’s circles at the United Nations.  With Bonnie Kelley, she is now promoting and writing about Source-based conversations in the GODMother Project.