Channel your own deepest wisdom into your life

(and into the world…)

Bonnie and Jeanie In costume as the anthropologist and the GODMother

Jeanie and Bonnie

Staying light-hearted and whimsical in our seriousness


The invitation

Many of us feel called to respond to the great needs of the earth today. We take care of our families as best we can. We start and support projects and networks, small and large, local and global, with great intentions behind them. And yet the world appears to continue on much the same trajectory, and we sense that our human family, indeed life on earth, is threatened by our own shortcomings.

Now is definitely the time for real progress.  Can we become models and mirrors for one another, and channel our own deepest wisdom to become the change that is needed? Can we ground our quilt of projects and intentions, into a collective field of energy powerful enough to fuel a new wisdom culture?

This is the incredible opportunity before women now… to become spiritually mature and collectively powerful, to use our natural capacities to shift modern civilization toward greater harmony. To do so, women ourselves must bring our unique intuitive self-knowledge forward, exchange what we know, and facilitate each other’s spiritual development.

Please join us, Bonnie Kelley and Jeanie DeRousseau, practicing godmother and anthropologist, ‘participant-observers,’ to explore and develop this unique spiritual path for women today. Together, let us unleash our individual and collective potentials to co-create a better world for all the earth’s children. 

Why women?



The Kaballah suggests that women suffer more than men, and their suffering, their lack of fulfillment, their anxiety and despair can only be resolved spiritually. 

Women are motivated…

Hindu thought suggests that women’s natural inclination for attachment and relationship, if directed toward the Supreme, enables women to very quickly move toward their spiritual goals, especially when there is a clear application to worldly relationships.

Women are ready…

Through science we understand that women’s maternal physiology orients them toward altruism and friendship, especially in times of stress, and we know that recent technologies are building networks of women both locally and globally.

Women are already united in many ways…


Women have…

…The Heart to Lead

An important film

The film, ‘The Heart to Lead: Women as Allies for the Greater Good’ demonstrates a practical spiritual approach rising in women that can change everyday life as well as the global atmosphere we live in. We call this approach the GOD*Mother Path.

On this website we offer the film in segments, through the windows of several different flows of Self-study, designed to invite women into greater awareness of their interior qualities and value. 

The whole film is available to watch on the Culture Unplugged website. If it calls to you, we invite you to download our earliest ‘GODMother Insights‘ to accompany your viewing.


The GOD*Mother Path

Over the years since the film’s release, we have continued to glean its wisdom and compile 10 Awarenesses that we believe offer clarity to women’s experiential reality. These have become our signposts along what we call the GOD*Mother Path.

Together, these awarenesses are an invitation to reclaim and evolve feminine capacities for the moment at hand. We expect that as more and more women share and exchange their inner growth, the feminine experience will become more and more accessible, substantial, and valuable. 




These offerings emerged over time as a spiral of evolving perspectives on the collective Inner Feminine.

Please know that if you are called to the GOD*Mother Path, your perspective is essential to its continued evolution…

An important book

The book, Guide to Heart-Knowing: Exploring the interiority of women today is a guide to the film, updated to include the GOD*Mother Path and its clarity around the collective inner feminine.

The Guide also highlights ‘circle process’ and what we call ‘living conversation,‘ key practices to reveal and express deep experiential qualities. These practices cultivate the capacities to speak authentically, to listen from the heart and to witness the wholeness and expansion of the moment. 



To step forward on the Path, each and together,

we align with a pledge of deep intention and alignment…

The GOD*Mother Pledge

From my growing awareness

that I am part of a rising tide of Oneness on Earth,

women, men, children, all life and all that is here now,

I pledge, to the best of my ability,

to be a true Sister-Mirror for other women,

nurturing the Oneness within them

by noticing and reflecting their wholeness,

nurturing the Oneness within me

by committing to my own growth and evolution,

nurturing the Oneness of all creation

by aligning all that I think and do with the greater good.
























The GOD*Mother Path

Through the Mother Heart

Toward sovereign participation in the world















  • Noticing the imbalances of human mothering
  • Allowing the process of awareness to balance us toward sovereignty
  • Expanding beyond the inborn mothering impulse toward ‘right nurturance’
  • Trusting that men are likewise moving to shift beyond their patterning



     GODMothering in circle

  • Tuning in to the highest possible vibration
  • Sharing and listening from the heart
  • Creating a common intention to nurture the full potential of each woman and the circle
  • Noticing the new qualities emerging

     GODMothering self

  • Watching over ourselves with love and Spaciousness
  • Noticing what is so, and accepting ourselves, human and divine
  • Following the ‘next steps’ that arise to help ourselves grow
  • Letting go of contractions and resistance

     GODMothering one another, two or more, in deep relationship

  • Being spacious and accepting of ‘what is’
  • Listening for the divine in each other by sensing within
  • Being mirrors for one another and reflecting truth
  • Following the energy within right relationship



     Toward wholeness at every level…

…toward individuated whole-system persons (or personal whole-systems!), who recognize and receive the Divine in one another, vibrate together in unity, and contribute to a standing wave of personalized Oneness on the planet, for the greater good of the whole human family.